A Cast of Thousands

Mid Century style gig poster created for A Cast of Thousands in Procreate. Image was inspired by the band’s manifesto:

As we look back at pop music from the perspective of the early 21st century, we cannot help but nod to the past with some sense of loss. We do not want to confuse nostalgia with sentiment, but if we do, so be it. The pop music of the later half of the twentieth century served its purpose. Any attempt to resuscitate it only dilutes its potent origin.

Now what used to be considered Rock-n-Roll, now resides in margins of our culture. This is fine with us, for we are provincial. As capital awaits twilight, we can hear the codes return to sender. Rock-n-Roll can dream in its past again. We are witnesses, maybe even participants. Without a real role in this tragedy, we remain a cast of thousands.